Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So is it just me or does anyone else have summeritis? I can feel is so close, only 7 school days away for me now, but it just seems like these last few weeks are dragging along. I love all the energy the kids have for summer, I just wish they could bundle some of it up into energy focused on their school work! I must say looking at Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers I am impressed with how many teachers have already started planning for next school year, I wish I could be that proactive right now, I am just drained out. I figure I'll give myself 2 weeks after school gets out and then start to prep for next year. Last year I vacationed all summer and this year I am really looking forward to do some prep work to help me prepare for the upcoming school year. I know I'm not the only one that gets excited by the back to school sale ads, I just need a little breather from the end of the current school year first. Anyone else feel like the last few weeks of school go slowly, but then once they are gone it seems like it all flew by?

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